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Strikes and Flying Pickets

Art lesson 2

Pete Mckee

Can you remember the work of this artist from last week? 

Let's see what we can remember.

This artist was called Pete Mckee. He started of doing cartoon work-in fact he sent one of his beloved cartoons to Sheffield Wednesday and was paid £50. He wanted to move away from cartoon work and into art and one of the ways he thought people may perceive his work as art was to get rid of the expressions on the characters he paints. Can you think about what a lot of the characters in his paintings have in common? 

A lot of his pictures are of his beloved Sheffield and he hopes a lot of people can relate to the images. 

Did you have a favourite? Can you explain what you liked? I know a lot of you could relate to the football ones-especially the Sheffield Wednesday ones-goodness knows why!cheeky


Today we move to look more closely at what techniques Pete Mckee uses in his pictures and we are aiming to create our own work using these styles. 

We are going to be looking at the clothing and tools miners would have used. Begin by following the slides. It gives you some questions to think about and images to look at. It also explains the tasks.

Use Ms McKeller's amazing sketchbook pages to help you too! These can be found at the bottom of this page. 

There are two tasks to try today. 


Task 1- Sketching mining objects/clothing in a realistic style. 

Task 2- Drawing mining objects/clothing and a miner in a McKee Style. 

The slides explain the tasks in more detail! 


Good luck with your creations! We can't wait to see them! 

Images to support you work today