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Water Safety Project

As part of your school swimming sessions, we began to look at water safety and really important ways to keep safe and potentially save lives in and around water. 


For your home learning, we would like you to complete a WATER SAFETY project. 


Begin by researching water safety and ways to stay safe at the swimming pools, at the sea and near canals. 


Then, we would like you to create a poster, leaflet, video, magazine article or PowerPoint presentation that would inform someone on how to stay safe in and around water. 


Your project may include top tips, advice from experts like the RNLI, images, statistics or facts, dangers of being in or around water and other information people may need. Try to pack it with as much information as you can! 


Remember to make this eye-catching and bright to really grab people's attention... after all, it is a very important topic! 


Use the links below to help you find reliable sources of information. There will be prizes for the best projects as well as Dojos too! We will add water safety questions to our next quiz too, so be sure to explore every fact! 


Don't forget to send us a picture or a copy of your finished projects over Dojos. 


Good luck!