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Online Gaming

Online gaming is as popular as it ever has been and when the NSPCC asked 600 primary school children what information they needed to stay safe online. More than 80% said they needed to know more about privacy settings on mobile apps and games.


How does Clowne Junior School look at safe-gaming?


In school, the children will all look at safe-gaming, mindful messaging and how to avoid gaming addiction as part of the Online Safety unit in each year and there will be an additional focus on online gaming during our Internet Safety Day later in the year.

Things to know when it comes to gaming.

What can you do to help?

We would strongly recommend that you look at the revised 'Net Aware Guide' which keeps parents informed of issues around social media sites and online platforms popular with their children. 12 new sites have been added to NetAware which now has over 60 social networking sites, apps and games which children use.

We would also recommend using  which allows you to explore media by age, which uses a traffic light system for ease of use, informs parents what they need to know about the media in question and what the child can learn from the media. The posters below will also help to outline the risks of popular games.

Which games are okay and which ones aren't?