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Pack 2




Silently, a group of orphans sleep in an orphanage. Quietly, the window shutters open and in crawls a mysterious creature. He doesn't look too friendly at first but we soon see what his plan is. This is the Dreamgiver and by cracking his dream eggs he makes sure the children’s nights are pleasurable.  He creates the dreams by cracking the eggs onto stories, posters and ballet shoes. But what will happen if an egg is accidentally spilt on something not so nice? Well that is what happens...


You can access the video by going to The Literacy Shed website via Google. Once on the website, select The Fantasy Shed and then select Dreamcatcher.

Watch the clip and have a go at completing the tasks below. You may need to watch the clip several times. It can be a little spooky in the beginning so you may want to watch with an adult the first time.


Task 1- Find an object in your house that you would want the Dreamgiver to crack a dream egg onto. Draw the object magically transforming. Write a detailed description of the dream that would take place! You could write it like a story.


Task 2- Imagine that the egg didn't crack onto the shadow serpent book but onto something nice. Write the dream that the boy would have had if it was a nice object.


Task 3- In the video, you see a girl having a ballet dream, a boy having a jazz dream and another boy having a baseball dream. Choose one of those dreams to draw a story board of. You may want to add captions too.


Task 4- Write a letter from the Dreamgiver to the children at the orphanage to explain why he does what he does. You can decide what type of creature he is and why he has this magical talent.


Task 5- Create your own Dreamgiver! Draw your character and add detailed labels. It can be a mythical creature. What does it look like? How does it give people their dreams?


Task 6- Write a story of the film. Make it action packed by using adjectives, adverbs, fronted adverbials, ellipsis and short snappy sentences. You could use speech too.


Pack 2 Resources- Dreamgiver