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Reading 10/03/23

Today's reading session will be continuing with our topic of PLAYSCRIPTS  and today, our playscript will link with last term's work which focused on GREEK MYTHOLOGY.


Our playscript today is called 'THE STORY OF BAUCIS AND PHILOMEN'.


You have looked quickly at this playscript in school but here are some further activities to try smiley

Today's reading lesson is still focusing on fiction texts and looking at PLAYSCRIPTS. We will be looking at a playscript and applying reading skills independently to showcase our understanding.


Today's first task is to re-read The Story of Baucis and Philomen Playscript REALLY CAREFULLY.


Reading Skill: SUMMARISING


Take each scene (1-5) and SUMMARISE what has happened in each scene.

You can choose to use a summary hand (what, where, when, who, why) OR a summary headline (a snappy 'headline' using 10 words or less.


Try to vary which summary technique you use for each scene.

e.g. Scene 1 = summary hand, Scene 2&3 = summary headline, Scene 4 = summary hand, Scene 5 = summary headline.



Can you create a summary headline AND a summary hand for each scene. (Complete the one you haven't for Task 3 - you do not need to repeat a summary technique.)



Create a summary headline for the whole play but can only use 10 words or less.



This activity is completely dedicated to FLUENCY and improving our reading so that we become fluent readers. This means that we:

  • read at the right speed (not too fast but not too slowly so we maintain engagement),
  • read and take into account the necessary punctuation (stopping at full stops, raising our voice at question marks),
  • blend words correctly (so there are no robot readers) and
  • speak with expression to match the atmosphere of the writing (is the character scared, excited..?)


Today's task is to read a playscript and practise reading as effectively and FLUENTLY as possible. You need to keep the listener engaged and interested. Today, read your favourite scene or even all of the STORY OF BAUCIS AND PHILOMEN.


REMEMBER reading a playscript is very different to a story as there are lots of stage directions and cast prompts that DO NOT NEED READING OUT when the play is performed.