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Enhanced Learning

As part of our 'Man The Fort' topic, each year group went to visit Murton Park. The year groups were split in half and half learnt all about the Vikings and the other half learnt all about the Romans. Both groups during the day used air drying clay to create a pot (as seen in the photographs below). 

Here are some photographs from our day becoming either a Viking or a Roman. The photographs are from a range of year groups.

Here is a link to Murton Park's website if you would like to find out a little more: 

Visitors in school


Mr and Mrs Glasswell (who are very keen historians) created a half a day experience per year group. they covered the following areas:



  • Late Romans and the chronology of events in this time era.
  • Raiders and Settlement and the objects used during the Roman period.
  • Clothing 
  • Funerals