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Clowne Junior School

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Wed 8th Sept 21


Start by watching the video - using this with the worksheet provided.

Take your time and discuss with an adult if you can.



Today is all about up-levelling sentences - basically improving them.

Look at your work from the last two days and consider some of the new vocabulary you have learnt - this will help massively.


Things to consider...


adjectives - you need to be able to describe in more detail the things that are in your portal

adverbs - use these to add greater description as to how the things in your portal move, speak, fly, breathe etc


Your task.

1. Improve the following sentence.


The green light began to move around the sky.

The figure moved from the side of the tree.

Inside the portal was a loud sound.


2. Now create some of your own sentences (at least three)

Reading & Art:

Today, in class, we are going to explore cave painting.

If you are at home, we would like you to research cave paintings.


Where in the world could they be found?
How old are they?
What sort of pictures have been discovered?

Why are they considered important?


In the afternoon we would like you to create your own cave art-work. Think about what you have learnt from your research and include this style of art. Be creative and use whatever medium you have at home - we can't wait to see it.