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Working together for success and happiness


Lucy’s blue day – This is a great story about talking about children’s different emotions and getting children to understand that is OK to feel these different emotions. This video, this story and this amazing little girl helps children express their emotions in a way they never knew they could. The message of the video is that’s its "OK, sometimes, to have a blue day.


The link below is for a short clip about the importance of talking about Mental Health


Mindfulness colouring


Mindfulness colouring is an activity which allows your child to focus on the present and forget about the past and future. Mindfulness can improve your child’s overall sense of well-being. They can feel more relaxed by paying attention to the present moment. It can also help them to train their minds to focus which can help in lessons and at school. It can also have other benefits such as:

· Help lift your mood, decrease anxiety and stress.

· Encourage forming positive, relaxation-based coping mechanisms to help manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

· Distract from negative thoughts and interrupt a focus on worries about past or future events.