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Wednesday 17th March


LI: To clarify the meaning of words from a non-fiction text. 


Last week we filled in the meanings of unknown words from the text selected by your teacher. This week you are going to choose your own words to clarify in pairs. Some you might go for are:  

major, shrivelled, suffered, rapid, unexpected, common, region, whiteout, widespread, rotating.  


Read the text and think about the words you come across that you are unsure of the meaning of. Read around the text to work out what they could mean and if you are still struggling use a dictionary book or online version.


LI: Use fronted adverbials for clarity and detail


Using slides, read around the purpose and use of a fronted adverbial- quiz/.

Play video clip (link in slides) 

Create sentences using fronted adverbials as a class or in pairs- look at the various types of fronted adverbials (where, how, when etc.)  

Look at how the examples link to the farm theme for the week. 



Use example fronted adverbials and own fronted adverbials to create a series of sentences that could be used in their diary. Encourage use of vocabulary from previous lessons.  

End of unit review. Complete the end of unit review. If you get stuck, look back at previous lessons as you will have completed all of the skills previously.

LI: Describe the life of a child working in the mines

Today you will be writing a diary entry from the perspective of a child working in the mines. Try to include:
- Why you were asked to work in the mines?
- What was the coal extracted used for?
- What jobs were you asked to do whilst down there?
- What were the conditions like in the mines and how did you feel?


Use the website below for videos to remind yourself of the previous lessons taught.

BBC Two - Primary History, Children in Victorian Britain: Children at Work, Children working in coal mines