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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness

Special Educational Needs, Disability (SEND) and Inclusion

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Clowne Junior School supports a wide range of children, including those with additional and special needs. For some children these needs are ongoing, for others they are short term. Whilst a small number of children join our school with clearly identified needs, other children's needs emerge as they grow older and we seek to develop a deeper understanding of their needs.


At Clowne Junior School, all children receive quality first teaching where lessons are designed to meet the needs of all pupils. Ultimately, we aim to develop confidence in our learners and move them forward, maximising their potential in every way possible. All staff are responsible for regular, robust monitoring of children's progress, both academically and emotionally. Through close communication with parents and Senior Leadership, we are able to target our support in a range of ways, individually tailored to a child's needs. This can be delivered through quality first teaching, additional in-class support, small group or one-to-one intervention support.


Clowne Junior School links closely with outside agencies to provide support for our children and families. We value the links with Speech and Language Service, Early Help, SSSEN Learning Support and Educational Psychologists. These services provide advice and assessment when needed but also the reassurance to parents and carers that school is catering for vulnerable pupils. 


Clowne Junior School is committed to meeting the needs of all our pupils. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that all our pupils receive the support they need to achieve their best. Paramount to the staff at Clowne Junior School are the views, wishes and feelings of yourselves and your child, we endeavour to support you all in participating as fully as possible in decisions regarding the provision for your child to enable them to achieve the best possible outcomes.