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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please follow the link below to access the Mental Health resources. On this page you will find links to helpful page to help with Mental Health, as well as a host of resources for your children.

Well-Being Ambassadors & SMILERS


A new team of Well-Being Ambassadors, from Year 5 and 6, have been recruited for this school year! The children have already been hard at work on many projects!  They showed great courage by helping to introduce Children’s Mental Health Week in an assembly to their peers. This year’s theme was ‘My Voice Matters’. To celebrate the work and give the children a chance to have their voice heard, the Well-Being Ambassadors organised a talent show. It was a great success and showed that we have some very talented children at Clowne Junior School.


They have also helped to introduce SMILERS. SMILERS is a whole school approach to well-being.

SMILERS - Summer 2 Term 2024

The letter we will focus on for week beginning 24th June is:

R... for Rest

The letter we will focus on for week beginning 17th June is:

E... for Eat Well

The two letters we will focus on for week beginning 3rd June are:

I…. for Interest

L.... for Look

SMILERS - Summer 1 Term 2024

The focus for week beginning 15th April is: M…. for Move 

SMILERS - Spring 2 Term 2024

The Well-Being Ambassadors presented the SMILERS approach in an assembly and introduced our first letter that we will focus on which is ‘S’ for ‘Stay Connected’. To help promote this, the Well-Being Ambassadors will be organising some activities to help children to ‘Stay Connected’.

You can also find out other ways to ‘Stay Connected’ on our SMILERS newsletter for this term, which can be found here: