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Clowne Junior School

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Rainbow Flag Award

Clowne Junior School is proud to announce that we holders of the Rainbow Flag Award! We want to say a huge thank you and well done to all our staff, students and our family members who have helped us achieve this award. We wouldn't have done it without the hard work and support of the entire school community. 

At Clowne Junior School we are committed to breaking down barriers and cultural divides, instilling values of acceptance and mutual respect that children will carry with them throughout their lives. To help us on our journey we are using The Rainbow Flag Award framework.

All teaching and learning will all be done in an age-appropriate way, ensuring the children grow up to be accepting, welcoming and compassionate adults and celebrate everyone's differences. 


What is The Rainbow Flag Award?

The Rainbow Flag Award has been set up as a framework for schools. The award focuses on positive inclusion of the LGBT+ community and it is a whole school inclusive approach that also develops strategies to effectively challenge phobic bullying. The award will take one year to complete.

The award will focus on six key areas:

 Skilled Teachers

 Supportive Governors and Parents 

 Effective Policies 

 Inclusive Curriculum 

 Pastoral Support 

 Pupil Voice 


By completing this award, this will provide our children with;

  • An awareness that people live their lives in different ways;
  • An understanding that it is usual to have families of different dynamics;
  • An acknowledgement and acceptance of the LGBT+ community;
  • An awareness that if we use these terms in a negative way, it can hurt people’s feelings;
  • Avoid the prejudiced use of stereotypes;
  • Confidence / reassurance to be who they want to be.


As a school;

  • We will empower the children to feel safe in our school community;
  • They will feel respected;
  • And if they wish to talk, they will be listened to;
  • If a child wished to talk, then as we are a primary school, we would ensure that the child knew that they didn’t have to label themselves now, that there is no pressure unless they wish to use a label and let them know that they may change how they feel and the label they give themselves throughout their lives – having a label is a choice;
  • If we improve the visibility of LGBT+ to be accepted as part of our diverse world then the children will grow up to be respectful and inclusive of all those around them in their communities;
  • School policies will adopt an inclusive approach to all minority groups.


Please follow the link below to find out more information about The Rainbow Flag Award.

Rainbow Flag Award

LGBT+ History Month


LGBT+ History Month is held every February to raise awareness of, and combat prejudice against, LGBT people and history. We had an assembly in school where we thought about diversity, equality, inclusion and acceptance. We talked about why we have the Rainbow Flag Award in school and how we can respect one another. We also listened to the story 'King and King' and talked about inspirational people from the LGBTQ+ community.

Useful Websites

About us - The Proud Trust

The Proud Trust is an LGBT+ organisation that supports LGBT+ young people through youth groups, peer support and mentoring programs 


Information and support for the LGBT+ community and families

Kids & Young People - Mermaids (

Support for transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people and their families.

Derbyshire LGBT+

Support for the LGBT+ community and their families.