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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness


Intent – What we are trying to achieve?

  • Our aim is to develop children’s physical literacy through six over-arching strands (multi-abilities): Physical, Social, Personal, Cognitive, Creative and Health & Wellbeing.
  • We aim to provide every child with the opportunity to experience high quality PE and wide ranging variety of sports that will promote further participation in sport and activity.
  • Ensure our children have access to a high quality PE curriculum that is challenging, enjoyable and varied.
  • Provide our children with a variety of active opportunities that will allow children to make informed choices about active lifestyles.
  • Within this structure, children will develop personally, developing resilience, confidence and independence and discovering how to lead health active lifestyles, both physically and mentally.
  • We also intend to shift responsibility of learning through highly developed learning nutrients, shifting the balance from teacher dependency to habitually independent learners.

Implementation – How will we achieve this?

Real PE: Through Real PE we provide a scheme that is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique approach to teaching and learning in PE.

The Jasmine Active Portal: The online portal provides an extensive range of teacher and pupil tools such as tactics for games, development steps/targets and video demonstrations provided by children of the appropriate age which motivate and inspire the children.

The Multi-abilities:  The six Multi-Abilities (Cognitive, Personal, Physical, Health & Wellbeing, Social, Creative) are designed to develop the whole child, focusing on every element and benefit of physical activity and promote success for every child, regardless of existing abilities.

FUNS Stations: FUN stations are opportunities built into each lesson that develop children’s fundamental skills (reactions, ball control etc). FUN stations become progressively more difficult, encouraging challenge whilst promoting perseverance and determination. FUNS also give children control over their progression support the development of independent learners.

Linking of Skills: Our high-quality PE lessons provide a varied, differentiated approach allowing all children to perform skills in unusual sports. This breaks down preconceptions and allows children to make links to more popular sports where these skills may be transferred too and where they may seek out further opportunities.

Self-assessment/review: With a clear success criteria, children are able to assess and review their own learning and progress and use processes such as a traffic light systems to represent this. This provides a clear picture and allows children to take control of their own progress by recognising what they can do to improve/take the next step.

Feedback: Feedback can be provided in lessons by teachers or often by peers also. Feedback opportunities allows peers/teachers to analyse and provide recommended steps for improvements. We will also utilise technology where possible to analyse performance.


Impact – What difference will this make?


We aim to equip children with the fundamental skills required in order to take part in a range of sporting games or physical exercise. We firmly believe that we can provide all children with the exposure to an activity that engages the, intrigues them and encourages them to take part in lifelong physical activity. We use modular assessments to inform us of progress and complete impact measures at the end of the year to constantly assess the impact of our PE curriculum. Each lesson will develop children’s fundamental skills as well as shifting the balance to children becoming independent learners who review their own performance and take control over their progress. Our independent learners will transfer these behaviours and demonstrate their independence in the wider curriculum too.



PE Kit / Jewellery / Hair


It is important the children are fully prepared so they can participate in a safe manner.

•         All pupils will need to wear correct PE kit. This is a house PE t-shirt, black shorts and appropriate footwear. During cold weather pupils may wear black leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a jumper.

•         All jewellery and watches must be removed.

•             If the student has studs which cannot be removed they cannot be taped with medical tape. Earrings must be removed by the child independently. Teachers and peers cannot assist. In cases where children cannot remove earrings, alternative roles within PE can be utilised, such as: coaching, analysing, officiated etc.

•             Hair below chin length, or a fringe that covers the eyes MUST be tied up. This applies to all genders. In cases where children do not have a bobble, one may be provided.

•         If a child is excused from the lesson, it will be expected that they bring a note from home to explain why. The child will still be expected to participate in the lesson in the role of a coach or official. This will allow them to continue to learn and make progress.

Looking for PE and Sport Premium? Follow the link below!

Clowne Junior School - Our Houses

Here at Clowne Junior School we are keen to promote friendly competition and as a school we have an incredible record at the partnership competitions. As we are keen to compete, we are utilising a recently regenerated house system to promote sport, competition and healthy lifestyles.  Our new houses are named after local sporting heroes, providing inspiration to the children and a sense of pride in our local area.


Our houses honour the achievements of:


Matthew Lowton - A Premier League footballer who has played for Aston Villa and Burnley. Lowton is from Clowne and even attended Clowne Junior School. When looking for inspiration for our children, it is certainly special to have a former pupil who is performing in the Premier League.


Millie Bright - Born just down the road in Killamarsh, Bright is an inspiration for young girls all over the country. Breaking down barriers, Bright is a Women's Premier League footballer for Chelsea and recently represented England at the World Cup, making it all the way to the semi-finals.


Kell Brook - Or 'Special K' as he is known in the ring. Brook certainly knows a thing or two about competition. The former IBF Welterweight boxing champion hails from Sheffield and hasn't just inspired the BAME community with his fighting, but the whole nation, who took pride in his lionheart performance against one of boxings all time greats, Triple G.


Richard Whitehead - A two time Paralympic gold medalist has faced a lifetime of adversity. From Nottingham and born without his lower legs Whitehead has looked adversity in the eye and come out a winner. When we say anything is possible, Whitehead is our example.