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Maths Abacus Text Book Pages

If you have collected a pack from school, you will find an Abacus Maths text book inside the pack.

As we do not have enough of each book to go around, you may find you have book one or book two.
We will post the pages to complete each week but please check that you are completing the correct pages for the number book you have.

Abacus Book 1- 6th Week- Wb: 6th July 
Page 46- Column subtraction
Page 47- Column subtraction
Page 49- Doubling
Page 50- Doubling
Page 51- Halving

Abacus Book 2- 6th Week- Wb: 6th July 
Page 15- Column Subtraction
Page 16- Column subtraction
Page 17- Column subtraction
Page 19- Ladder method
Page 51- Finding change




Abacus Book 1- 5th Week- Wb: 29th June 
Page 39- cm and mm
Page 40- converting lengths 
Page 41- m, cm and mm
Page 43- Column addition
Page 44- Column addition


Abacus Book 2- 5th Week- Wb: 29th June 
Page 21- Money
Page 31- angles
Page 32- angles  (This links to the homework pages so if you need any support resources or supporting tasks head to the website link below.) (Scroll down on this page)
Page 61- word problems
Page 64- Addition 




Abacus Book 1- 4th Week- Wb: 22nd June  
Page 29- Multiplication
Page 30- Multiplication
Page 31- Multiplication
Page 32- Fractions of amounts
Page 33- Fractions of amounts


Abacus Book 2- 4th Week- Wb: 22nd June   
Page 18- Multiplication
Page 22- Multiplication
Page 23- Multiplication
Page 25- Fractions of amounts
Page 26- Fractions of amounts




Abacus Book 1- 3rd Week- Wb: 15th June

Page 20- addition
Page 21- addition
Page 25- x6
Page 26- x6 
Page 27- x9 


Abacus Book 2- 3rd Week- Wb: 15th June

Page 12- subtraction 
Page 13- subtraction
Page 14- column subtraction 
Page 62- adding money
Page 63- adding money 




Abacus Book 1- 2nd Week- Wb: 8th June
Page 13- 4-digit numbers
Page 14- numbers in figures
Page 15- Pairs of numbers
Page 16- Pairs of numbers
Page 17- Pairs of numbers 


Abacus Book 2- 2nd Week- Wb: 8th June
Page 4- Place value
Page 5- number lines
Page 6- word problems
Page 7- counting in 25s, 50s and 100s
Page 11- Subtraction 




 Abacus Book 1- 1st Week- Wb: 1st June

Page 4- bonds to multiples of 100
Page 5- find the missing numbers
Page 10- adding several numbers
Page 11- copy and complete the patterns
Page 12- match each score to the correct addition


Abacus Book 2- 1st Week- Wb: 1st June 
Page 8- add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100
Page 9- addition
Page 10- addition
Page 50- subtract to find change
Page 60- addition

Please do not write in the books, complete the tasks on paper.