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Wednesday 24th Feb


This week we are focusing on chapter 10. Today, we'd like you to retrieve information from the text and answer the questions below. Remember to use the text to help you, give detail in your answer and use the question to form your answer. Remember, retrieving is where we dip into the text, scan around and scoop out the key information we are looking for. 


As this is quite a long chapter, we will complete two different sets of questions on the chapter.  

The questions today focus on the beginning of the chapter up to the bottom of page 70 (online text) where it says:  

"Let's build a tree house," suggested Avery. "I want to live in a tree, with my frog." 



1) Describe what happens when Avery takes his frog into the Zuckerman’s kitchen.  

 2) Why do mothers for miles around worry about the swing in the Zuckerman barn? Do they need to be worried?  

 3) Why does Fern stop eating raspberries? 

4) At the start of the chapter, Charlotte thinks “people are not as smart as bugs.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.  

5) Describe how you think Fern feels when she gets a turn on the swing.  

6) Would you enjoy spending your day on the Zuckerman farm? Why/why not? 



Today in English we are going to read an extract from the book. We will then turn this chapter into a newspaper report. 

‘My Brother is a Superhero’

by David Solomons

We don't need to read the whole book as we are just going to focus on chapter 7 (see the link below). This is all about a disaster involving a bus and a superhero called Star Lad saves the day. You are going to turn these traumatic events from this chapter into a report. 


Read chapter 7, (see link for the chapter) as you read note down any vocabulary related to do with superheroes, maybe what powers they have.


Next, look at pages 45 - 49. How did the passengers, the bus driver and the people watching the events unfold feel?  Were they excited, scared or amazed? Note down how you think they feel, use the text to help find the evidence of their feelings. 



Today, you are going to be a reporter and interview some  eye-witnesses. Eye-witnesses are people who saw/witnessed the event.  Have a look at the questions that you are going to ask - see below.  Think about how the people might answer them.  Use the notes you have written from how the people feel. You can either download a copy or write it down on paper. 

There is an example one completed to help you. 



For the next few weeks or so we will be focusing on 'Fractions'. 

This morning we would like you to look at: Adding Fractions 

Watch the video first. You will need to keep pausing this to have a go at the tasks. 

There are slides too (same as the video) if you need to look at this more slowly and carefully. 


Then, complete the worksheet. Look at the questions on a screen and write your answers on paper. Remember, the later questions are normally problem solving and reasoning questions so give these your best shot. You may need a little bit of adult explanation for these. 

Spr4.7.1 - Add fractions



Today in topic, we are continuing with our 'Strikes and Flying Pickets' topic. So far, we have looked at lots of different sources of information regarding coal, focused on different mining counties, how coal is formed and investigated types of mining. In this lesson, we are going to look at how coal helped with the growth of railways.


LI: Understand how coal contributed to changes in transport across Britain. 


Follow each power point slide, these will give you lots of information about how coal was transported and the growth of railways. At the end, you will find your task. 



Your job is to imagine that you are in charge of developing the major railway lines across the country. Have a think about where you would want to go and why?


First, locate Clowne on either map, then think about where you want want to travel to. It could be Sheffield to see the Pete Mckee gallery. 

Then, draw a railway to connect you to Sheffield. Before you do, think about if you want to visit anywhere on the way. 

Next , think of somewhere else you would like to visit and again start from Clowne and draw your railway line. 


You can either draw or download a copy of either map - see links below.


Don't forget to note down the places you visit and your reasons why you want to go there. 


Enjoy your travels!