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Tuesday 13th July



Today in reading is comprehension. Read the 'Dreamers' text and then answer the following questions. 


LI: Answering comprehension questions using key skills of summarising, predicting and retrieval. 


  1. The author never gives the characters any names – who is this book all about?  

  2. The author says “we became immigrants.” What does this mean?  

  3. Look at the page that starts ‘Migrantes, you and I.’ What does it mean when it says “The sky and land welcomed us in words unlike those of our ancestors?” 

  4. Look at the second page. What gifts might be in the backpack?  

  5. Look at the page that only has one word on it – “unimaginable.” Predict what kinds of stories the mother read to her baby. What evidence can you see on the page to suggest this? 

  6. Summarise what happens when the mother finally finds the library. Does she know what it is at first? 




Today in Maths we are looking at symmetric figures. Watch the video, then complete the worksheet. 




This afternoon, it is draw with Rob! Have a look at the link below and then have a go at some of his drawings. 

Sum4.10.4 - Complete a symmetric figure

This is "Sum4.10.4 - Complete a symmetric figure" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.