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We are continuing with Charlotte's Web. 

This session, please read Chapter 11. If possible, discuss this with an adult. 
Write down any unfamiliar words and see if you can find out their meanings. 

Charlotte's Web



Your child should now be able to work on the rest of their newspaper report and finish it.

Depending on how far they have gotten:


they could...

finish their report

edit their work and make improvements

type this up as a report 

present their work on a video by being a news reader


We look forward to seeing their final creations!



We have now reached the end of our block of work on multiplication and division. Today we have an end of unit assessment to see how the learning has gone! The answers are attached. If there is something that your child is struggling with, please let us know and we can work together to improve in this particular area.

Good Luck!

Afternoon Lesson - PHSE


See Powerpoint/PDF document