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Friday 19th March


For English today, we would like you to write a diary as though you are Wilbur the pig from Charlotte's Web. 


Below, you will find a range of things to help you including a help sheet, an example of what a good one looks like and slides with vocabulary we looked at earlier in the week that you can aim to include. 


You should try to make it entertaining and full of excellent vocabulary. You should write it as though you are Wilbur talking about what you have experienced in the last few months. 

Here are some suggestions for what to include:

  • Being saved by Fern and what she did to look after you
  • What you get up to on the farm 
  • Meeting Charlotte and what you think of her
  • The sad news you hear about being turned into sausages
  • Charlotte's plan to save you and what she does with her web

Don't forget to use the resources to help you! Enjoy writing as though you are Wilbur the Pig! 


MATHS - Equivalent Fractions
Spr4.6.3 - Equivalent fractions (2) on Vimeo


Our School Council have put together a menu of fun activities for the children to enjoy and celebrate Comic Relief. There is also a PowerPoint explaining what Comic Relief is and what the money raised is used for.