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Wednesday 3rd March


Today's task will get you to infer. Inference is where you use the clues from the text to work out your own ideas. It’s a bit like being a detective where you figure something out from clues and evidence.

You are going to think about chapter 11 where Wilbur has become a famous pig and the farm now has lots of visitors. 

We want you think about Mr Zuckerman must feel now that his pig is famous. 



Draw a picture of what you think Mr Zuckerman looks like. Around your picture, write down how he feels now that he has a famous pig.  

You might want to think about: 

  • Is he proud?  

  • Is he worried about his farm?  

  • Is he confused about how the message got there? 



In English today, we will be continuing our new writing sequence... SUPERHEROES!

This will all lead up to you pretending to be a reported for a newspaper and writing all a newspaper report about the bus disaster we read about from the book, 'My Brother is a Superhero!' 

This week, we will continue the sequence like we always do, by developing and learning all of the grammar techniques we will be using in our piece of writing. 


Today, we'll be looking at using REPORTED SPEECH!  

Take a look at the power point and then complete the worksheet below. 


For the next few weeks or so we will be focusing on 'Fractions'. 

This morning we would like you to look at: Fractions of a set of objects (1) 

Watch the video first. You will need to keep pausing this to have a go at the tasks. 

There are slides too (same as the video) if you need to look at this more slowly and carefully. 


Then, complete the worksheet. Look at the questions on a screen and write your answers on paper. Remember, the later questions are normally problem solving and reasoning questions so give these your best shot. You may need a little bit of adult explanation for these. 

Spr4.8.1 - Fractions of a set of objects (1)


LI: Explore what a working day was like for adults and children in the mine.

The following PowerPoint will walk you through the information and tasks for the lesson today. In addition, there is a vocabulary and sentence opener sheet to get you started with the short writing tasks.

Finally, there is a For and Against children working in the mines sheets for you to look at after/during your discussions at home about whether it was appropriate or not for children to work in the mines.