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Monday 22nd March


Read the text below called the 'Summer Solstice'. Today we will be working on our summarising skills from our understanding of the text. Read the text and try to explain the following questions.

- Why do we have summer and winter?
- What is the imaginary line in the centre of the earth called and the parts above and below it?

- Explain the journey the Earth takes in relation to the sun and why we have seasons?



LI: Create expanded noun phrases

Read the paragraph on the slides below. Who do you think it is describing? How do you know? Reveal the next slide to show the monster. Today you will be generating descriptive phrases to describe your monster on DOJO's. Draw a picture of your monster and expanded noun phrases below it e.g. sharp claws, fluffy ears, piercing eyes.



Today we will be focusing on drawing our background for our Pete McKee art work. In your background should be some relevance to Clowne such as the church, mining wheel or memorial. Remember to use large shapes as our media for finish is collage therefore, if you make your spaces too small, it will be very difficult to fill the spaces.