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Wednesday 6th Jan



Our new study book this half term is going to be.... CHARLOTTE'S WEB!! 

(We had started How to Train Your Dragon but want to save this until we are back at school.) 


The first thing to do is connect to our new book! Begin by looking at the front cover of the book! Only the front cover... no reading today! 

Look at the cover and think about these questions. You can write the answers if you wish, make a spider diagram around the book cover or simply have a discussion. 


What can you see on the cover? 

Who do you think the girl is? Why? 

What other characters can you see? 

Where do you think this book will be set? Why? 

What do you think this story will be about? Make some predictions! 

What does this book make you think of? Does it remind you of any other books or films? 

Does it remind you of anything you have experienced?

What kind of books is it going to be? 

What impression of the book do you get? 



In English today, we will be continuing our new writing sequence all about BARN OWLS! 

This will all lead up to writing a factual report all about Barn Owls. 

We will begin the sequence like we always do, by developing and learning all of the vocabulary to do with our topic. 


Today, we would like you to continue your research on these beautiful birds. Watch the videos below or you may want to look online and find your own videos and websites.

Task: As you watch or read, make notes and find out as much information as you again. Your job is to simply find out lots of information! 

Remember, as you go, keep highlighting the key vocabulary you find. 

Amazing Facts About Barn Owls

An Introduction to the Barn Owl

Barn Owl Habitats

Where do Barn Owls feed


This half term we will be focusing on 'Multiplication and Division'.

This morning we would like you to look at: Written methods of multiplication 

Watch the video first. You will need to keep pausing this to have a go at the tasks. 

There are slides too (same as the video) if you need to look at this more slowly and carefully. 


Then, complete the worksheet. Look at the questions on a screen and write your answers on paper. Remember, the later questions are normally problem solving and reasoning questions so give these your best shot. You may need a little bit of adult explanation for these. 

Spr4.1.5 - Written methods

This is "Spr4.1.5 - Written methods" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Today in RE we are continuing to look at how Jesus inspires people. Today it is looking at what the most important impacts Jesus has had on us. Simply, follow the slides and think about or discuss the questions as you go. 

There is no written task today, just discuss and think.