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Toy Story Writing Challenge


Howdy partner! It's Woody here! I've got a challenge for you! 


Imagine if your toys could come alive when you are sleeping just like me and Buzz do! 
What would they do?
What would they say to each other?
Where might they go? 


Write a descriptive paragraph that describes a night in the life of a toy that comes to life! You could do this in the first person as though you are the toy like me, Woody! Or you could describe waking up in the middle of the night and sneakily watching what they get up to! The choice is yours, be as creative as you can be! 


Your teacher will be looking for things such as:
-Fronted adverbials 
-Commas in a list
-Speech marks
-Exclamation marks
-Question marks
-Subordinating conjunctions
-Correct use of homophones
-Does it make sense? 


Send your paragraphs to us to earn up to 3 dojos! 

Good luck, 


P.S. There's a snake in my boot!