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Thursday 25th March




LI: To answer comprehension questions using the key skills of retrieval, summary and clarification.  

  1. Explain what the Earth’s axis is. 

  2. When would be a good time to visit countries in the far north of the northern hemisphere? Explain your answer.  

  3. What does the word solstice come from and what does it mean?  

  4. What is the simmer dim and where would you go to experience this?  

  5. What evidence is there that at Stonehenge that Summer Solstice was in some way different for ancient people?  

  6. How many hours of sunshine a day can the Shetland and Orkney islands have from May to July?  



LI: Use a planning sheet to create a story


Use the planning sheet below to decide what happens next. 

Do they run away? Does the monster run away? 

Are they caught? Does the monster turn out to be nice? etc



Today we are going to review our learning on Fractions. The End of Unit Quiz below will revisit learning from the lessons taught in this unit. Look back at your previous work and previous lessons on the website if you are unsure about a question. Good Luck!


We will be carrying on with our Pete Mckee art task today. See the link below from Monday:

Monday 22nd March | Clowne Junior School (


In school, we will be using collage to create our finish of our work. If you have old magazines or newspapers at home that would be great, however, using pencil crayons will also give your work a lovely finish. Enjoy!