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Monday 29th March


We are using this 4 day week to promote a love of reading in our classrooms. During this time children will be read to by their teachers (Class Reader - Charlotte's Webb) and be given time to read their own books in a quiet , calm environment which we call D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read). We will also spend some time in our class 'Book Club' where we will talk about our book choices and recommend texts to others in our class completing book reviews for display.



LI: show the characteristics of living things in a table and a key 


Starter: Focus on the first 4 words of the vocabulary list of the Knowledge Organiser. Use fluency reading skills to read  and then quiz yourself on the definitions of the four words.


Revise the term ‘characteristic’. Sort a list of descriptions of a kitten from the PowerPoint presentation into those that are characteristics of the domestic cat species and those that are not. The characteristics of a living thing are statements that are always or typically true of the species, not statements that apply to an individual of the species under particular circumstances. Look at the examples of living things on the Lesson Presentation. List the characteristics of some living things on your page.


Complete the Woodland Classification Table and glue in books. Read the statements carefully. CHALLENGE:  Can children think of their own questions for the table?