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Parent Survey responses

A parent survey was distributed to a proportion of each Year group to gauge parent's knowledge of this topic. 


Here are some of the questions and responses that we have received:


Has your child told you about anything they have learnt during the topic? If they have, what did they tell you?


'We've been told about the rich and the poor Tudor houses and also that Henry VIII had six wives and that he was a horrible man!'


'My child has told me about what Tudors used to eat and how they followed the Catholic religion.'


'I was told all about the Tudor food and how rich people ate ALOT of game.'



The children have knowledge organisers in school. The knowledge organisers have keywords, dates, names of key people and events on them. Do you feel these are beneficial to your child? 


'They serve as a segway for me to enquire into what my child has been learning about in school so that we are able to further support her at home.'


'They serve as a reminder to help jog their memory on previous lessons in order to help them in the current lesson'.


'It is good to have all the key information they need in one place to make learning easier and they know they can look in just one place if they need to find something out.'


What are your thoughts on education visits such as the Tudor day that took place in Autumn term 1?


'I think these sorts of days are brilliant as they get the children really engaged in learning and 'hands on'. They get a real feel for the topic.'


'The kids love them and I really feel they help children learn and maintain that knowledge.'


'They are fantastic and a lovely engaging way to really bring learning to life.'


What is your overall opinion of the 'Off with their heads!' topic? 


'Love it! It's particularly interesting to see what pupils are learning in Y3.'


'Brill! Always great to learn about history! And it shows the kids how much things have changed since then!'


'I think it's a great topic for the children to learn as they get to learn about life many, many years ago. It's an important part of our country's history.'