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Pack 3

Pigeon Impossible!


Secret Agent Walter Beckett has a problem of pigeon sized proportions. When a pigeon gets trapped inside the spies’ briefcase all kinds of mayhem ensue.

You can access the video by going to The Literacy Shed website via Google. Once on the website, select The Fun Shed then select Pigeon Impossible or follow the link;

Watch the clip and have a go at completing the tasks below. You may need to watch the clip several times.

Task 1 – Create a comic strip of Walter and the pigeon’s antics! Try to include adjectives and adverbs.

Task 2 - Think of another mission Walter could go on that is spoilt by another animal. What would the mission be? Which animal is going to cause mayhem? Try to include detail, adjectives and tension to engage the reader.

Task 3 – Design a spy outfit with gadgets for Walter. Draw your design and add detailed labels. Use your imagination and go crazy!! Your perfect opportunity to pretend you’re a creator for James Bond!!

Task 4 – Write a newspaper report on the event. Include quotes from witnesses and direct and reported speech. Remember,  to include key features of a newspaper report.

Task 5 – Write a diary entry from the point of view of the pigeon. Try and add emotion by showing not telling.

Task 6 – Write a narrative from the story. Make it action packed, with lots of detail, use a range of sentence openers and conjunctions. Think about how you could create tension using a range of punctuation, short sentences and description. 

Challenge task  – Write a balanced argument to answer this question; ‘Do you think we should feed pigeons in the street?’ Think about arguments for and against this idea. Remember to support your points of view with reasons.