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Thursday 11th Feb


This week we are focusing on chapter 9. Today, we'd like you to retrieve information from the text and answer the questions below. Remember to use the text to help you, give detail in your answer and use the question to form your answer. Remember, retrieving is where we dip into the text, scan around and scoop out the key information we are looking for. 

Comprehension Questions:

1) Where does Wilbur jump from when he is trying to spin a web? 

2) What two things does Wilbur not have that means he can’t spin a web? 

3) How long did it take men to build the Queensborough Bridge?  

4) Where does Wilbur say he would rather be that evening?  

5) How does Wilbur feel when the lamb tells him he smells? What evidence can you find in the text to support your answer? 

6) Charlotte says “I want you in bed again without delay,” when Wilbur asks to go and check his food trough. What do you think this means? 


This week we are moving on to the next step in our writing sequence. This is the part where we write our own diary entry as though we have spent a week with MARY POPPINS! 

To do this, you need to use all of the vocabulary, grammar skills and fabulous ideas you’ve developed over the last two weeks to help you!

We will add a paragraph each day, building up to our amazing piece of writing by Friday!


Begin by watching the video below as this will help give you more information on what to include and what grammar features and vocabulary we are aiming to include too. Remember, you are pretending to be Michael or Jane and are writing from your point of view as one of the children. Add today's paragraph underneath yesterday's paragraph to finish the piece of writing. 


Today we will be writing the final paragraph. This is where Mary, Bert and the children go up onto the rooftops and dance with the chimney sweeps. Things to include:

  • Describe meeting the chimney sweeps and dancing with them
  • Describe climbing the steps made of smoke
  • Describe what it's like looking over London from up there. 
  • Close the diary by summing up the week and writing your name. 



You may find watching the Mary Poppins videos again useful too. 


Use the help sheet to help you include all of the grammar features and vocabulary in your piece of writing. Use the WAGOLL to help you too. 


It's a good idea to write a rough/draft version of your paragraph and then edit it to improve the spelling, vocabulary choices and punctuation. You could then do an improved 'showpiece' version.

If you are able to print and want to use the bordered paper, you can!

Thursday VIDEO

Still image for this video


For the next few weeks or so we will be focusing on 'Fractions'. 

This morning we would like you to look at: Equivalent fractions

Watch the video first. You will need to keep pausing this to have a go at the tasks. 

There are slides too (same as the video) if you need to look at this more slowly and carefully. 


Then, complete the worksheet. Look at the questions on a screen and write your answers on paper. Remember, the later questions are normally problem solving and reasoning questions so give these your best shot. You may need a little bit of adult explanation for these.

Spr4.6.2 - Equivalent fractions (1)



Over the last few weeks we have been learning about States of Matter (Solids, Liquids and Gases). You have had the opportunity to conduct experiments (or watch related videos), write a method and your conclusions and evaluations. During this unit a lot of new vocabulary has been introduced e.g. particles, evaporation.


In todays lesson I want you to spend 15-20 minutes studying the Knowledge Organiser below and recapping on your learning. Could you test yourself or ask an adult in the house to test you on the meanings of the words in the vocabulary list? CHALLENGE: Produce a mind map or poster of what you've learnt in the topic.


After this, have a go at the quiz below and see what knowledge you've retained. Good luck!