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Clowne Junior School

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Tues 7th Spet 21


See activity sheet below - read and answer associated questions (answers included).





View the PowerPoint from yesterday and recap on the vocabulary used.

Can you describe the setting?
How many of the words and phrases can you remember from yesterday?


Today you are going to use your WONDER SKILLS from our Clowne Values!


The portal leads the way to a …..

What can you visualise is through the portal?

TASK: Can you draw what you see on the other side…

Focus on your five senses when describing.

Where does your imagination take you..

SUPPORT: work with an adult if possible to describe what they see and add to their drawing.



First watch the video using the link below:


Next, have a go at the worksheet - use the answers to help mark your own work (or ask an adult to help if available) to see how well you did.



Tuesday is a PE day in school.


We'd love you to get active today. What you can do will depend on your circumstances and what time you have. 

There are lots of work-out videos you could do - perhaps a P.E with Joe would be fun.


Below is a link - or you could search for a different on if you prefer.

MFL (Modern Foreign Languages):


Today we'd like you to revise Spanish numbers 1 - 10.


This short video should help you before you complete this short task: