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This week we are focusing on chapter 10. Today, we'd like you to retrieve information from the text and answer the questions below. Remember to use the text to help you, give detail in your answer and use the question to form your answer. Remember, retrieving is where we dip into the text, scan around and scoop out the key information we are looking for. 



1) Describe what happens when Avery takes his frog into the Zuckerman’s kitchen.  

 2) Why do mothers for miles around worry about the swing in the Zuckerman barn? Do they need to be worried?  

 3) Why does Fern stop eating raspberries? 

4) At the start of the chapter, Charlotte thinks “people are not as smart as bugs.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.  

5) Describe how you think Fern feels when she gets a turn on the swing.  

6) Would you enjoy spending your day on the Zuckerman farm? Why/why not? 






Afternoon Activity

We are continuing our work on States of Matter. Use the Bitesize page to remind yourself of the key facts and then have a go at the quiz. You can also have a look at the activity and see if you can match the question to the fact - can you research the answers if you're not sure?