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On Friday mornings, we usually check TT-Rockstar usage, mark homework and do our weekly spelling test (please see Class Dojo for the spellings and homework pages).




Next up on a Friday morning is our FLUENCY FRIDAY reading!


We have a great session which we hope you enjoy.

Simply watch and listen to the utterly fantastic Michael Rosen read his poem 'Chocolate Cake'.

Note his expression and his actions.


Once you have watched, watch the video with the sound down and see if you can imitate him. If you want to upload a really short video of you reading a section to Class Dojo, we'd love to see it. 


Most importantly...HAVE FUN!



In English we are going to write the next paragraph of our newspaper report. Remember to stay in third person and past tense. You could include a quote from the bus passengers and street witnesses.

Here is the paragraph from the WAGOLL to help you. You could use the same sentence starters as well. 


It was just as the bus approached the Crystal Comics shop that the indestructible saviour stepped out of the shadows and onto the road. An alarmed eyewitness who was on the bus described the heart-stopping moment that he saved the bus; “I was petrified! I have never seen such bravery as when Star Lad stepped into the road and held up his powerful hands. I felt the bus shudder and stop before levitating into the air! We were all left speechless.” Other witnesses watched events unfold from the street and they wondered how Star Lad had managed to pick up a whole bus without touching it. Some said it must be gravity manipulation while others declared it was magnetism. Star Lad himself confirmed to a police officer on the scene that he had used telekinesis.  



Here are your video slides, worksheet and answer sheet.



Spr4.3.4 - Correspondence problems

Correspondence problems" by White Rose Maths