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Homework Book Pages



Here are the new pages to complete in your homework books. 


Posted on 18th June

Page 9- Using verbs to talk about the future
Page 39- Spelling
Page 40- Spelling

This should now be this book completed so if you have any pages not complete, you can do those too!

Page 44- Geometry
Page 45- Comparing angles
Page 47- position and direction
Page 48- word questions




Posted on 5th June


Page 30- common mistakes with apostrophes
Page 32- using paragraphs
Page 35- the suffix -ous
Page 36- similar sounding suffixes

Page 37- measurement
Page 43- word questions
Page 46- lines of symmetry
Page 49- statistics




Posted on 11th May 



Page 23- Punctuation revision 

Page 24- Punctuation revision continued

Page 25- Starting and ending sentences

Page 28- Apostrophes to show where letters are missing 



Page 16- Addition and subtraction facts

Page 17- Estimating and checking

Page 24- Written multiplication 





Posted on 21st April 


Page 21- Mixed grammar

Page 22- Mixed grammar

Page 26- Commas in lists

Page 27- Commas after fronted adverbials



Page 41- The 12 and 24-hour clocks

Page 19- Word questions

Page 51- Word questions