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Monster Phonics

Monster Phonics is a scheme that is taught as an intervention program within Year 4 to support children with their knowledge of phonics. Monster Phonics includes stories, songs and activities which are carefully woven into the session which are highly engaging for the children. Colour-coded flashcards, word charts and PowerPoints make the teaching of the Common Exception and High-Frequency Words far easier. Monster Phonics includes a colour-coded grapheme system which is unique to Monster Phonics; each coloured grapheme is paired with a monster character that makes the same sound to give audio-visual prompts that help children ‘see’ each sound within a word and pronounce it correctly. The monsters are really sound cues to help children remember how to read and pronounce graphemes.

In Year 4, Monster Phonics is used an intervention tool to support children where their phonic knowledge for reading and spelling is identified as an issue. It is completed in small groups for 30 minutes every day. 



The site have provided a free login for parents if remote learning is taking place or if you wish to find out more.                  You can access this through:

Username: parents

Password: homelearning


Have No Fear Tricky Witch is Near

A Monster Phonics story to teach the ear grapheme.

Monster Phonics Actions

Learn about the Monster Phonics actions for sounds.