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Writing 10/03/23

Writing theme - Rollercoasters


Use the link below to take you to the video lesson:


To explore punctuating speech first 


Task - Change this playscript extract into direct speech - this would be perfect for a story.


Reporter: (Confidently into the microphone) Hello and welcome to Channel One News, I'm Judy Barnes. I am stood outside the brand-new attraction, Twisting Inferno! 


(The reporter walks under the sign and meets a young boy in the queue. He is listening to heavy metal music through his headphones and he is rocking along. She taps him on the shoulder and he removes his headphones)


Reporter: Hi, are you excited to go on this thrilling new roller coaster?


Boy: (Loudly shouting over the music blaring out of his headphones) This is going to be AWESOME! I can't wait for the flips and the turns. It is going to be epic!


Continue writing this as a story not a playscript.