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Friday 8th Jan


For reading today, complete reading all of chapter 1. You then have a short set of questions below to answer. Remember to give detailed answers to your questions and use the question to form your answer. e.g. 1) We are introduced to...


LI: Retrieving information from a text.

1) Name the five characters we are introduced to in this chapter.

2) What did the kitchen smell of at breakfast? Include two smells.

3) What does Avery compare the pig to?

4) Why doesn’t Mr Arable give Avery a pig as well?

5) Why does Fern make her classmates giggle when she gets to school? 


In English today, we will be continuing our new writing sequence all about BARN OWLS! 

This will all lead up to writing a factual report all about Barn Owls. 

We will begin the sequence like we always do, by developing and learning all of the vocabulary to do with our topic. 


Today, we would like you to look at the meanings of our technical vocabulary. 

Remember, technical vocabulary (or tier 3 vocab) is all of the language to do with a specific topic, it would be found in information/scientific books.

For this, we would like you to create your own 'Barn Owl Glossary'. A glossary is a page in the back of an information book that tells you the meanings of words- like a mini dictionary just about barn owls. 

Select 10 words you have come across this week during your research and write the meaning of those words. You may need to check these words online to help you. You could get technical and order them alphabetically and give diagrams too. 



Habitat- The natural home or environment of an animal. 

Crepuscular- The owl is active and goes hunting during twilight. 


This half term we will be focusing on 'Multiplication and Division'.

This morning we would like you to look at: Multiplying 2-digits by 1-digit (session 2)

Watch the video first. You will need to keep pausing this to have a go at the tasks. 

There are slides too (same as the video) if you need to look at this more slowly and carefully. 


Then, complete the worksheet. Look at the questions on a screen and write your answers on paper. Remember, the later questions are normally problem solving and reasoning questions so give these your best shot. You may need a little bit of adult explanation for these. 

Spr4.2.2 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

This is "Spr4.2.2 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


This half term in Spanish, we are learning all about family - La Familia. 


To locate this on Language Angels: (you can find the website on dojos or just type in Language Angels)

- go to login  

-click on home school

-click 3

-Username: Clowne1485 Password: Iahome

-click on Intermediate Level 

-Unit 4 - La Familia (family)

-Lesson 1 


First, watch the clip to learn the Spanish names for members of a family. Make sure you click the play button to listen to the Spanish wording. You may want to watch this a few times to get familiar with the words. Practise these out loud to help you to remember. Use the word bank to help you (see below).


You will find lots of fun interactive games on here! 


There are some worksheets if you want extra practise. If you want to print them off you can, if not just jot it down on some paper.  You may even want to draw your family and then label each member, in Spanish of course!