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Wednesday 24th March




LI: To clarify words from a text.  

Choose four of the following words to clarify and explain.  

imaginary                         equator                    northern/southern hemisphere                 

receive                              gradually                               festivals                        ancient 



LI: use was and were correctly.


Follow PowerPoint and task of highlighting was were and discussing the plural element of it. 

However, as always the English language is never that straightforward. 

TASK: Create sentences about your monster using ideas from yesterday using was and were correctly.



Calculate fractions of a quantity.

Spr4.8.3 - Calculate fractions of a quantity on Vimeo


We will be continuing with our diary entry this week about a child working in the mines. Continue to write your diary entry including:
- Why you are having to work in the mines? What is the importance of coal?

- How is it transported both in the mine and outside of the mine?

- What roles you have to undertake in the mine?

- What are the conditions like? Include emotions and feelings.

Use the website below for further ideas:
Children working in coal mines - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize