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Mon 6th Sept 21

Reading Task:

Today we are making predictions and connecting with a text simply by looking at the front cover of a book.


Connections - list what your thoughts are about the book based on what you see. For example, if you notice the young girl in the centre of the book she perhaps looks like a maid - or even a servant. You may make a connection that this book could be a bit like Cinderella - this is just one idea and your task is to come up with your own.


Predictions - based on what you see, what do you think will happen in the story. Look at all the pictures on the cover and maybe make 3 - 4 predictions.


Writing Task:

See the attached PowerPoint for the week's task.

For today, use the picture and gather as much vocabulary as you can.

The words and phrases below should hopefully give you some ideas but have a go at creating some of your own.


Broken branches and rotting wood 

thunderous skies 

black clouds 

huge lightning bolt 

green fog 

golden roots grew around the tree 

glowing moon 

eerie, night sky 

mysterious tree 

Green, glowing leaves 


Today we have a recap lesson from year three. We are beginning the PLACE VALUE unit and it's important that we have a good understanding of this concept.


Begin by watching the below video before answering the following questions:





Today we are looking at emotions - the emotion of the day is 'compassion'


First watch the video and spend some time thinking about the word compassion and what it means to you.

Discuss this with an adult if you can. Next, complete the worksheet below.