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Pack 1

Catch A Lot 

Our English writing sequence at the moment is adventure story writing and we are working towards writing the story to the video Catch A Lot. 


You can access the video by going to The Literacy Shed website via Google. Once on the website, select The Adventure Shed and then select Catch A Lot or follow this link: 


Watch the clip and have a go at completing the tasks below. You may need to watch the clip several times.


1) Watch the ending of the clip several times. Think about what could happen next and write this as a short story extract. Does the whale eat them? Does the whaler get the whale?


2) Draw the two fishermen with a speech bubble between them. Write a conversation between the two using correct speech rules- inverted commas, punctuation inside the inverted commas and a new line for a new speaker.


3) Write a descriptive paragraph of the storm scene. Aim to use as many adverbs, adjectives and powerful words as you can.


4) Write a letter from the son to the father asking to leave his job and start a new career in something he likes doing.


5) Write a story of the events from the seagull's point of view.


6) Draw a storyboard/comic strip of the film and add captions to describe the action.