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Week beginning 01.02.21

If you click on the days you will find the lessons and activities to be completed on that day. There is no set time or order to complete each task but try to have a go at them all.


Scroll down this page to find ongoing activities that can be completed at any time.

Ongoing tasks


Internet Safety lesson 3


Find out how the trolls link to your digital footprint.


I know some of you are having a go at this. You will soon be typing faster than the teacher's. Aim to challenge Miss Thompson as she is a whizz at it.


We are absolutely loving the artwork you are sending us for Friday's gallery. You are clearly relaxing and enjoying producing super pictures. Please keep sending them.

How to Draw Little Red Riding Hood Cute and Easy

This may come in useful to illustrate your writing.
Learn how to draw a Chibi Little Red Riding Hood step by step easy and cute. In this follow along drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw her hooded cape,...

Tree drawing in a circle/ beautiful pencil drawing - step by step.

Tree drawing in a circle/ beautiful pencil drawing - step by step.Check out my other oil pastel drawings on Pinterest : : http...

Rainbow tree/Easy painting ideas/cool easy paintings/kids painting ideas/paintings for kids

The music to this video is so soothing that I nearly fell asleep. I hope you like this one.

Today I'm showing you how to make rainbow tree/colour full tree painting your kid paint like this very easily please watch full video hope you like this.