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White Rose Maths 

Sum3.11.4 - Temperature

Teaching Video Temperature" by White Rose Maths

Maths Multiplication Quiz for Today 


LI: know what an adverb is and to use the suffix ly to create an adverb.


Please watch the PowerPoint slides and then complete activity 1. 

We have also popped a second activity on if you choose to do this.




Afternoon activities


Today we would like you to complete at least one of the activities below and the scavenger hunt as an extra activity. 


-What I loved this year worksheet- This task is to simply think back to all the amazing things that you have done throughout year 3. Including your favourite moment, activity, book and a memory that you will keep. You might decide to use the worksheet or you can design your own what I loved this year worksheet to send to your teacher.


-Summertime worksheet- We all love a break and time with our loved ones but what do you like to do in your summer holidays? We would love to find out what you like to get up to in your spare time. You can use the worksheet provided or present your summertime worksheet independently.


-End of year exit interview- It is coming to the end of Y3 so we would like you to get someone you live with to ask you a few questions about your time in Y3. You could present this in a video and add it to your portfolio on dojo just like a real interview! 


-Indoor scavenger hunt- Now for more fun! We have given you lots of different items to find around your house. You could get someone you live with to time you to see how quickly you can find the items. Take pictures and send them to your teacher to prove that you have found them!