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This week we move onto looking at what is under our feet. The aim of the lesson is for children to understand that the planet earth is made up of different layers. The teaching presentation takes children through thinking about the layer we stand on (The earth’s crust) and then moves right through towards the core of the earth. We take the children on an imaginary ride to the centre of the earth!

The activities for today are very practical and there is choice over how the children want to represent their understanding of the different layers of the earth from labelling scientific diagrams, modelling with play-doh to making a ‘layers of the earth dessert!’ Enjoy and we really can’t wait to see what you create this week!


Teaching Presentation MP4

Still image for this video
I can't save this as a power point this week due to the file size being too big. Therefore the link that is referred to is attached separately for you to watch.
Below are the three different activities. The aim of the lesson is for the children to understand the different layers of the earth and be able to explain what these are like. It is up to you how they choose to do this. They can pick from one of the three activities below. 

Labelling a scientific diagram showing their understanding of the different layers of the earth-after they have made the visual aid and stuck it into their books can they label the four parts of this.

Making a model of the different layers of the earth-using play doh or plasticine

GET creative! How can you show and then eat the different layers of the earth?