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Last week, we looked at healthy and unhealthy foods and the different food groups on the Eatwell Plate.


This week we will be looking more at physical activity.


LI: Understanding the benefits of exercising and a healthy lifestyle.

Please watch the clip to see what the benefits of exercising are.


We now want you to think about how the human body was made to be physically active and that exercise and using the body is important to maintaining health. Please look at the PowerPoint below for more information relating to how exercise can be beneficial for us.


Here are a few things that can stop people from being active? Work, weather, cars, illness, technology, money for gyms.


Can you think of any more?


Main task: 

Please complete an A-Z of physical activities that you can think of. You can always ask someone at home for their ideas too and research some sports on the internet too in order to help you. 


How many can you think of?