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Clowne Junior School

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Monster Phonics Groups

This week teaches the are, y (long E) and ph graphemes.


are Grapheme

Example words: bare, dare, care, share, scared


y Grapheme (Green Froggy)

Example words: very, happy, funny, party, family


ph Graphemes

The f sound is not usually spelt as ph in short everyday words (e.g. fat, fill, fun).

Example words: dolphin, alphabet, phonics, elephant



1. Download the PowerPoint. Use this to introduce the ‘are’ grapheme that makes the long oo sound. Read the ‘are’ words. Click on the bricks to read the are words. Tricky Witch can’t find her jewellery. She asks her nieces if they will help her to find some in the haunted house. Guess which window leads to the gems.

2. Watch the ‘Little Witches’ video. Ask children to make the Tricky Witch (waving a pretend wand) action each time they hear an ‘are’ word. Can they recall all of the ‘are’ words in the video?

Little Witches

3. Download the activity. Write 3 sentences:
I dare to …
I share my …
I care for my ….


Draw a picture for each sentence.