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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness


Here is a summary of the lessons so far:


Lesson 1:

We learnt that a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common is what a community is. If you are part of a community then you can work with others to achieve your goals.


Lesson 2:

In this session we learnt about the words 'role' and 'responsibility'. We learnt that the word 'role' means 

the position team members are assigned but it also means the part we play in an organisation or situation.

We also learnt that the word 'responsibility' means having a duty to ensure things are done and your role is fulfilled.


Lesson 3:

In this session we recognised the different groups that make up and contribute to a community. We looked at how people in Glasgow and people in Liverpool could still share a community as they could both be part of the British community.


Lesson 4: 

In this session we learnt about different services such as vets, shop assistants, teachers, policemen and how a community couldn't survive without the help of the people who provide services every day. 


Lesson 5:

In this session, we pretended to be a mayor and wrote a letter outlining that our role was to bring a community together and create a more peaceful atmosphere and how we had a responsibility to listen to people's views. We also learnt how important differences are as we can celebrate the differences between us. 


As we continue through our 'Rights and Responsibilities' topic for this half term, we will be identifying what human rights are and how they protect people. By the end of the lesson, we should understand the rights that we have as human beings and our main task will be creating a poster demonstrating human rights and what they are.

Keywords to help with this lesson:


Rights: Those things that a person is morally or legally entitled to have.

Morally: This refers to right or wrong behaviour.

Legally: This means by law.




Main task:

To create a poster highlighting the Human rights and importance of them.