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So far in our 'Being Healthy' topic, we have looked at healthy and unhealthy foods and the food groups from the Eat well Plate (below) and how exercise is important for our bodies to stay healthy.


LI: To understand what mental health is.

What is mental health? Explain that, like physical health, everyone has mental health. Simply, mental health is about our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We all experience different emotions but when these get BIGGER and go on for a long time then this can affect our mental health.


Please see the below PowerPoint for more information.

Please also watch this short clip which gets you thinking of what you could do to help someone in need

Main activity:

We would like you to know create a poster all about mental health.

You could include:

  • A definition of what mental health means
  • How people can sometimes feel
  • How people show different emotions
  • What can people do to improve their mental health

Below are a few examples of Mental Health posters: