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Art- Strikes and Flying Pickets 

Not only does our Strikes and Flying Pickets topic cover History and Geography but Art as well!

In Art today, we are going to be starting our new topic where we look at the work of local, Sheffield artist Pete McKee. You may have seen his artwork before on the sides of buildings around Sheffield but this topic will look at his style of artwork and build up to you trying to create your own McKee inspired artwork!

Today, we are starting by finding more out about the artist himself. Begin by watching the video and following the slides to gather information on his inspirations and style. 

Look at the examples of his artwork and think/discuss: 

What do you think?

What catches your eye?

What do you like or not like?

What is your opinion of his artwork?

Pete McKee: Picturing Sheffield

Sheffield artist Pete McKee talks about how his home city influences and inspires his work.See Pete's work on display in the Millennium Gallery exhibition, P...


Your task today is to create a fact file about Pete McKee. Include: what his inspiration is, the kind of artwork he creates, how he started out as an artist, what he enjoys drawing most of all, and general information about him and his work. 

Include what you like/don't like about his artwork and what your opinion is of his style! 

How you present this is up to you! 


Then, have a go at recreating some of the examples yourself. You might pick to draw a footballer or his Peak District artwork. It's up to you which you try but try to use his black line drawing style. Good luck! 

There is an example of what you could write in your fact file about our local artist. This is just here for support please feel free to do this in what ever way you choose too.