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Flashback 4

The teaching video takes you through the different steps the children will take as they build up to achieving the new objective. The video includes worked examples as well as questions for the children to have a go at and discuss with an adult. Use the video at the pace your child needs it and keep stopping and starting when you need too. Any work from the examples on the video can be done in the child's book. This should hopefully give your child the confidence to then complete the first questions on the independent work. The second sheet of the independent work is problem solving and reasoning so don't feel the pressure to push your child onto these unless you feel they secure with the main objective. 

This work continues to build on the re-cap lesson done at the end of last week. Children will be asked again to compare lengths and will need to be able to convert between cm and mm and back again as well as recognising and using the greater than and less than signs- > <

Questions 5 and 6 are asking the children to measure foot size and jump lengths of different classmates. Please just do this as a family and it doesn't matter if you can't collect all the data it is asking for. The focus is for the children to be able measure, order and compare the data.

Compare lengths

Teaching Video