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We are continuing with our topic 'Around Tokyo in 65 days'. Last week, we looked at what the seven continents were and some of the countries that are in the seven continents. This week we will be going a little a further with this and we will be learning all about the 8 compass points.


Please look at the compass points PowerPoint. When you have watched the PowerPoint, can you stand in one position (North) and then move to different positions and state which compass point you have moved to?



Have a look at the World map below. Can you find where Japan is? What continent is it in? For an extra challenge, can you research online as to what the capital city of Japan is? Jot this down somewhere as you will need this in a moment.


Main Task 

On the sheet below is a list of countries with the continent next to each country. You will need to use the above Maps to find one country at a time. We have listed the continent it is in so that you can find where abouts on the map it is first (using the continents map) and then you can use the map with the countries on to then find where the country is. 


When you have located each country on the map, please then use the compass at the bottom of the worksheet to help you identify where the country is in relation to Japan. e.g. Australia is South of Japan.