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LI: To use time adverbials.


Please see the attached PowerPoint for today's session and activity.


Main task: To write the events up that have happened over the past week (details in the PowerPoint above). Please write your events up as if you are the police and you looking for the three farmers. Here is an example:



'We need you to help us find these truly, terrifying farmers who have been seen in and around the Year 3 area in Clowne Junior School. We believe these farmers have been involved in some violent atrocities against a poor, innocent fox.  


Last week, the children in Year 3 were left an anonymous note on Tuesday 9th March asking ‘Have you seen him?’ 

This was left in all three Year 3 classrooms and left us with a sense of unease that someone was watching us!  


On Thursday 11th March, the Year 3 area was invaded by three, suspicious looking men who we believe were local farmers trying to find this poor, innocent fox. They terrorized our area, turning things upside down, acting in a very strange manner claiming they could smell a fox. We are seriously concerned for the safety of this fox if they were to find him. We therefore need your help to locate them as soon as possible.'