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LI - To understand and protect against the dangers of the sun


This is the last lesson in our Science topic on light. It focusses on UV rays.

We will cover - What they are

                        What they do 

                        How to protect against them

Task 1

Task 2


For task 2 you will need to find out information about UV rays. 

You can read the information about UV rays but if this is tricky to read or understand then are 2 clips you can watch. The first one explains what UV rays are and the second explains how to protect yourself from them.


Scroll past the writing to find the clips to watch.

PDF of the reading slides if you can't see them clearly.

Information you can have a go at reading.

Clips you can watch to explain UV rays.

UV light and its effects on us

We are constantly exposed to sunlight, which means that we are also exposed to UV radiation. On one hand, UV light brings some benefits like vitamin D, but o...

UV Protection for Kids: What you need to know

Kids spend more time outdoors, and their average UV exposure is higher than that of an adult. So, they need added protection from UV light. A high factor SPF...

TASK 2 - What you need to do.