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Please see the PowerPoint for today's activities. This is a spelling session.

ENGLISH-CBeebies Space week 

The children have done lots of research now as well as looked at the type of writing they are building up to doing.

As an additional source of information CBeebies has a special Space Week on this week. Maddie, Space and You was filmed at the National Space Centre. 

Maddie Moates takes the children on a journey into space to explore planets in the solar system, astronauts, rockets and robots. There will be one episode on each day. 

Monday 18th January 16.50-Rockets 

Tuesday 19th January 16.50-Solar System 

Wednesday 20th January 16.50-International Space Station

Thursday 21st January 16.50-Space Robots 

Friday 22nd January 16.50-Astronaut Training 

All episodes are available on Iplayer afterwards

All these subjects will form parts of the final piece of writing-a non-chronological report